Abstract Art NZ

This collection of abstract art NZ celebrates colour, culture, and nature in an original and wall-inspiring way. If you love to make bold statements with your art, then this unique collection from One Thousand Blooms is for you.

Abstract art is an expression of creativity and this collection is no different. It is a bold and unique visual account of our photographer’s vision to portray nature from a new and original angle. Our photographer, Natalie Pearce’s goal was to compose and present an ‘unremarkable’ serving of nature in a ‘remarkable’ way in the hopes of elevating the reverence and respect that our beautiful world deserves.

Abstract Wall Art & Print NZ

Explore an innovative view of New Zealand through the lens and imagination of our founder, Natalie Pearce, with our collection of abstract wall art & print NZ for sale today. The post-production treatment of each individual artwork brings it closer in form to a painting than a photograph, but all work is a photographic piece of contemporary art.

Each work of abstract art has a unique development story, with colour and movement often used to create layers of meaning and emotion. This collection presents a contemporary take on love, connection and the natural world.

Pastel Rockstar

Shooting above an object can help it take on magical qualities - exemplified by this stunning photograph of the rockpools at Narrow Neck Beach in Auckland. If you love pastel colours and abstract artworks, you will love this print, which fits perfectly into any modern spa.

Moon Rock

For the photographer, low tide offers a treasure trove of surfaces and shapes to observe and explore. Captured at Takapuna Beach on Auckland's North Shore, this beautiful nature photography print is reminiscent of asteroids or a rock you might find on the moon.

Abstract Art NZ

Opal Rockstar

Like an opal stone, the vibrant colours in this beautiful, opal-inspired rock face will reflect the colours of its surroundings. Greens, golds, blues, reds - no matter what colour your furniture or decor accessories are, this original New Zealand wall art will help their colours pop.

Rock Tapestry

The rich, swirling colours infused into this rockface during the editing process are reminiscent of beautiful pieces of tapestry or paintings. The depth and breadth of colours in this print make a bold colour statement, perfect for bringing life to any home, office or gallery.

Rock Embers

Colour added to nature turns it into a radically different medium, a new art form. An ordinary rock face on site - as a design image, it becomes a stimulating piece of abstract art. Amber and blue colours make the rock appear to glow like embers in a fire and create a colourful and intriguing effect.

Magenta Mosaic

Armed with cyan, blue, and magenta, the tiny rock fissures come alive with colour, like individual pieces in a mosaic. If you love colour and a touch of the abstract, this original print from our collections at One Thousand Blooms will be a stunning statement piece in your space.

Powder Blue Crystal

The texture of this rock face has transformed into cobalt blue sugar crystals creating the perfect specimen for an abstract photograph. If you love New Zealand abstract art, this image will bring a burst of life into your home or office area.

Rock Opera

This original art print seems to hold a rhythm or melody of its own, which only became apparent after the addition of a contrasting colour palette on the surface post-production. If you love abstract art prints, this will be a wonderful addition to your home collection.

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Our gallery-quality abstract art collection from One Thousand Blooms brings life to any space. With the majority of our prints photographed in Aotearoa New Zealand and edited in Auckland, this abstract photography ends up looking more like a painting than recognisable shape from nature. Presenting a unique view of nature, our collection of abstract wall prints will become a focal point for any home or office space.

To make a purchase, simply select the size and framing option of your choice and proceed to the checkout on our online shop. Need some advice on the selection of an art piece or have a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us