Wall Prints NZ

Inspired by the rustic beauty of the New Zealand countryside, these stunning wall prints NZ celebrate some of the icons of our incredible landscape. Bring a piece of New Zealand into your home or office space with our nature-inspired wall art.

We have a range of beautiful prints to accommodate the needs of any space, plus an in-house team who can provide objective advice on the selection of a print to suit the style and dimensions of your interior.

Pastel Wall Art Prints

Explore our collection of stunning art prints available online now. Our Pastel Wall art prints bring warmth and gentleness into a space and include a unique range of abstract art and beachscapes.

Harakeke Noir

The beautiful flower nectar of harakeke is irresistible to native birds such as tui. This compelling and best-selling black and white image will make a stylish statement in any home or office space.

Whatipu Beach Noir

New Zealand artists flock to the beautiful West Coast landscape for nature photography inspiration. Toned in black and white, this print creates a subtle but unmistakable Kiwi vista for the home or office.

Salute to the Sun

Toetoe grass is an icon of the Aotearoa landscape. This limited edition image was shot at Whatipu Beach, backlit by the sun and set against the shadow of the hillside behind. The effect of this image was surprising and stunning.

High and Dry

Glistening piles of kelp are left unceremoniously high and dry by the tides, creating a wild composition through the camera lens of the artist. Add a textured statement to your wall décor with this image of layered ribbons of black and gold.

Smokey Blue Dawn

The light was only just appearing above the hilltops on this cool autumn morning at Ohope Beach. The blue-grey colour palette of sea and sky, together with a touch of warmth from the early morning sun, will be perfect for contemporary and classic spaces.

Nature Photography

Low Tide

Captured at Takapuna Beach, the contrasting tones of sand ripples and volcanic rock at low tide makes this artwork a stunning monochromatic landscape to add to your decor. Its black, white, and gold palette is the perfect addition to any space, coastal or contemporary.

Rock Face

The coastline between Devonport's Cheltenham and Narrowneck beaches contains a wealth of inspiration for New Zealand artists and landscape photographers. This natural face in the rock, surrounded by a delicate palette of sandstone and rusty reds, is utterly captivating.

Wild Harakeke

Harakeke (flax) grows wildly on North Head, Devonport. The soft palette of these beautiful wildflowers sitting amongst the flax creates a perfect piece of NZ wall art for the home, office or as a gift for loved ones. Flax always feels like home to me.


Sometimes the simplest of elements can provide a striking contrast to a natural home decor theme. This image of coastal grass nestled in volcanic rock is a gorgeous piece of beach art to hang in your home.

It’s a Sign

Emerging from a crowd-like cluster of flax, and backlit by a clear blue sky, it felt like a sign or at least a blessing. If you love original NZ landscape prints and good omens, this wall print is for you.

Gone Bush

Nowhere else in the world does green the way the Aotearoa bush does. Together with silver ferns, a distinctive and beautiful bush line is formed. This stunning viridian art print is distinctively New Zealand and perfect for the bathroom, living room or office.

Crystal Cascade

Located within the stunning Karangaheke Gorge, Owharoa Falls is a staircase waterfall that is breathtaking, unspoiled, and uncrowded. Our artist shot this with a very slow shutter speed and a neutral-density filter to capture the rich and velvety texture of the waterfall - like milk cascading down the rockface.

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