Surf Art

One Thousand Blooms Surf Art Collection captures the splendour of some of New Zealand's most beautiful coastline for you to enjoy. From the drama of storm-whipped waves to the rolling calm of a sunset surf, our surf print collection is always a popular choice as a gift for a friend or to elevate a bedroom or living space.

One moment fair, and the next fearsome, this collection features some of Auckland’s most famous West Coast beaches along with the beautiful rolling surf of Raglan and the East Coast. From sunrise to sunset, soft pastels to moody blues, we have the surf art to suit all interiors.

NZ Coastal Beaches

Our passion for coastal New Zealand is real and celebrated with this surf art collection. We can’t resist bringing the energy, the colours and the feel of summer into New Zealand homes through original New Zealand wall art. If you love contemporary photography, you are certain to find something perfect for your home in this surf art print collection.

Red Sky at Night

Situated on the West Coast of the North Island, Raglan has been widely considered a surfer's paradise. On this evening, however, the sunset was the star of the show. This image captures the candy-floss clouds and the crystal blue of the ocean with soft pastel hues. With this iconic beachscape we feel fortunate to call New Zealand our home.

Batten Down the Hatches

Rain-filled clouds rolling in contrast with the seagulls seeking refuge from the pending storm on Waihi Beach describe this autumn image. Despite the weather, there is something peaceful and comforting about this piece of beach art, with the untamed local environment being wild and powerful.

Storm Warning

A storm was certainly brewing the day Natalie, our artist & Co-Founder, captured this photo. White surf whipped by offshore winds sits in perfect contrast to the dark and moody sky. This is the piece of surf art for you if you prefer more vigour and coastal clamour on your walls.

Raglan Surf School

The symmetry in this image created by the Raglan surfing students and surf breaks delivers a lovely summer holiday feel. This picture will surely become a favourite in any style of home, from minimalist and modern to a summer beach house design. Add a touch of vibrancy to the cooler months with this warm, Kiwi surf print.

Storm Swell

Being at the beach on a stormy day is liberating and exhilarating. The colour palette in this image is breathtaking, expressing the beauty of the elements on their wild side. Shot at Whiritoa Beach on the East Coast of the North Island, the simplicity of this image gives it a contemporary feel.

Smokey Blue Dawn

On this very cool morning at Ōhope Beach, the light was only just appearing over the hilltops. The touch of warmth and blue-grey sea and sky together create a neutral colour palette, perfect for matching with light-colour furniture.

Awash with Surf

The symmetry of this Raglan beachscape captures the mood of surf life: relaxed, simple, and laid-back. Coastal, minimalist and modern decors will be ideal to feature this wall print, with its simplicity and enticing blues lending itself to wall display.

Crystal Blue Morning

The air at first light is so clear and crisp, with an idyllic colour palette of pastel blue and natural tones. Welcome the calm of the coast into your home with original surf art, inspiring you to imagine how nature is enacting its routine on Waihi Beach.

Surf Art

The Calm Before the Storm

While best known as a popular summer destination, Whangamatā delivers beautiful soft coastal colours in its off-season. This photo was captured just as a storm began to gather momentum. Hold the essence of Aotearoa weather and the beauty of its landscapes on your walls today.

Toetoe Tales

The sunrise at Ōhope Beach is like none other. Toetoe grass, set against the waves and Moutohora in the distance, signifies a classic Kiwi landscape. This original piece of NZ surf art will sit comfortably in any home or office.

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