Beach Art

Celebrating New Zealand's natural environment, One Thousand Blooms delivers engaging and contemporary beach art that helps to bring our favourite playground into a home or office environment.

Our wall art prints are all captured by Auckland-based Founder and photographer, Natalie Pearce, who creates collections of much-loved New Zealand landscapes. Her work is characterised by the use of movement, natural light and colour to create a comprehensive body of contemporary work to suit all sorts of home interior styles.

Beach art prints help to make a space feel relaxing and calm, which is exactly the feeling that so many homeowners are trying to achieve in their living spaces. The prints can also help to create a sense of drama as storm clouds roll in or giant swells crash against the coastline. With our comprehensive range of coastal art, we are confident that we can help you fulfil the vision you have for your home makeover project.

Beach Wall Art & Prints

We are so fortunate to call New Zealand home, with the coastline only ever a simple car ride away. New Zealand’s coastal beauty is a constant source of inspiration; whether for abstract art NZ or classic landscape photography.

There is always a new beach to explore, and with the ebb and flow of each incoming tide, there is always a new scene to capture. Nothing ever stays constant, and the sea is a wonderful metaphor for life as well as a source of inspiration for artists the world over.

Our photography can introduce a calm, rejuvenating atmosphere into the design of your property. We work with clients to simplify the purchase process, offering advice and frame options to ensure that you can make an informed decision when selecting prints that will fit perfectly in your space.

Framed Prints

If you are looking to get a piece of One Thousand Blooms beach art framed, we can organise all that for you with the click of a button. All of our frames are made-to-order at our Auckland-based framer. Make your selection of a matted or unmatted print and choose from a black, white or oak frame depending on your home décor. Then relax, we’ll frame and ship a high-quality, made-to-order frame direct to your address.

Detailed Information

Each digital art print captures unique emotions, textures, colour and light plays. Our comprehensive range of styles, from surf art to still life floral photography, is accompanied by a short narrative to help you to decide which piece of work should feature in your space.

Beach Collection

With our beach art collection, we celebrate the aesthetic value and natural beauty of New Zealand and Australian beaches. Each piece is printed on high-quality paper stock, that brings to life the colour and textures of each wall print.

Beach Art

Beach Patterns

The patterns and textures in the sand and the surf are a never-ending source of inspiration for New Zealand photographers. Our goal is always to capture a strong and interesting frame that attempts to embrace the feelings and sense of perspective that the beach bestows on us.

Monochromatic Landscape Art

Natalie Pearce enjoys producing monochromatic beach photography. Limiting your work to a black and white palette brings the textures and contrasts of the art into sharper focus . Beach art, either in colour or black and white, always brings a calming and positive energy to a space.

Summer Aesthetics

Heading to and from local beaches, whether shooting at Whiritoa Beach, Ohope Beach or the Gold Coast of Australia, our art prints capture the feeling of summer and help to change up the mood of interior space. Nothing beats the gloom of winter than having a piece of wall art that reminds you of summers past and summers yet to be enjoyed.