Nature Photography

Looking for nature photography and wall art? Celebrate nature in original and wall-inspiring ways with One Thousand Bloom’s New Zealand wall art collections.

We are devoted to showcasing the natural world of New Zealand by photographing our environment in visually striking ways. Our landscape and still life photography prints capture vignettes of nature with a modern aesthetic.

Each piece of photography is an original wall print by Auckland-based Founder of One Thousand Blooms, Natalie Pearce. Natalie's process is enacted with artistry in-mind; always looking for the shot that will translate best into wall art.

Nature Wall Art & Photography

The wall art from One Thousand Blooms is a love letter to nature. Through our nature-inspired photography, the grace and beauty of nature can transition from the outdoors to the walls of your home.

Our goal is to make art more accessible to more people.

Nature photography is the perfect gateway art form to start your art collection. It's dramatic, mesmerising, beautiful, and best of all affordable.

As many still life photographers and nature photographers will agree, the natural world is the ultimate source of inspiration. At One Thousand Blooms, we are delighted to share our love of Mother Nature through photography; capturing the textures and colours found in nature with clarity and proximity.

Discover our wall prints.

Nature Photography Style

What style of nature photography do you like best? We house an extensive selection of landscape and still life nature photography captured in natural light and in the studio.

Our work traverses and explores a range of different styles, tones and themes. We group together a range of prints to ensure that whatever style and size of room you are hoping to design, we have the artwork to make an impact.

Nature Photography

NZ Landscape Photography

Our stunning landscape photography wall prints are inspired by New Zealand's rustic beauty and celebrate some of the icons of our natural landscapes. These images capture a piece of New Zealand for you to enjoy in your home or office.

Capturing a sun rise or the motion of a river or waterfall with a long-exposure can help to redefine the energy in a room; turning it into a calm and soothing space.

Floral Nature Photography

Bring the power of the flower to your home or workspace with a stunning original floral wall print by One Thousand Blooms. Inviting the beauty and grace of the garden into your decor was never easier with our extensive range of floral wall art.

Abstract Nature Photography

Celebrating colour, culture, and nature, this collection of original abstract wall art prints is utterly unique and wall-inspiring. Flowers, sand, trees, rock faces, people, and light are all captured with an original viewpoint.

Your Home Style

Shop by your style of home to find the perfect print to complete your home decor project. With coastal, modern, monochrome, and classic stylings, you can easily find a range of photographic prints that will fit effortlessly into your space.

To learn more, explore our blog for all the decorating with nature photography tips you need.


Our coastal shots capture everything we love about where the sand meets the shore. This style is less formal, using natural light to soak up the calm of the coast. We especially love our sunrise and sunset shots, where the sun and the moon shake hands.


Discover our collection of nature photography prints, carefully curated to suit the clean lines of modern home decor. Delivering on neutral colour palettes with occasional pops of colour, this collection embodies a "less is more" style.


For those who covet the peace and tranquillity of clutter-free, wide-open spaces, this collection of black-and-white and naturally-toned nature photography is the perfect wall decor choice.


Traditional shapes and forms are at the core of classic home decor - which makes it a timeless interior design style. With a clear focal point, each of these images is a pleasure to view.

Feeling inspired?

Explore our stunning collection of nature photography prints available online today. We are happy to assist with any design or nature photography presentation tips and queries about our range, so feel free to get in touch with our team.