Our Story

When dreams become reality ....

In 2012 my husband Guy bought me my first 'real' camera and I was hooked.  A whole new world suddenly opened up to me and I was fascinated by the process of getting a shot that felt natural, honest and worth holding on to.  

Fast forward to 2020, and amidst the chaos of an indescribable year, I found myself searching for pockets of joy and beauty to help refill my happiness bucket. My camera became my constant companion and capturing the beauty, wildness and grace of nature moved from being a fun idea to a viable business idea.

One Thousand Blooms was launched in September 2020 and it is my love letter to nature and my mission to create original NZ wall art that delivers a piece of joy to your walls.

"Choose what helps your heart bloom"

This quote by Dihman comes close to summing up why I started this business. Art is Joy. Photography brings me such joy and I am big on creating as much of that as I can for the people I love and for the world.

Where Beautiful Meets Affordable

I also wanted to make art more affordable to more people. Photography is beautiful, dramatic, mesmerising, and affordable. It is the gateway to your very own art collection.

A Room with a View

More than ever before, it is important that we surround ourselves with beauty: a few select pieces of art that both inspire us and soothe the soul.

And why the name One Thousand Blooms? 

It was a motivational goal and a reminder that no one gets out of this place alive so let's make sure we do whatever we can to flourish and help others do the same.

I'm so excited to share my view of the world with 'the world', and I can't wait to see where this 'joy ride' takes me next. 

Untamed Photography, Just Like Nature

Colourful, Original and Made in NZ, every wall art print contains my love for colour, for beauty and for nature. An Auckland-based New Zealand Photographer, my wall art is best described as untamed; capturing the world as it is - wild, imperfect and always colourful.

My NZ Wall Art Collections have been carefully designed to bring beauty, energy and colour to your walls. Every piece is available for purchase framed or ready-to-frame. Thank you for supporting a NZ small business.