Floral Wall Print

Explore One Thousand Blooms' online gallery, and you are sure to find a vibrant floral wall print that will add colour and style to your interior space. Our original New Zealand-shot wall prints are the perfect art solution for your home or business, plus they also make a wonderful gift for friends or family.

Choose a rose wall print from our floral selection and fill your interior with the grace and beauty of the garden. Hanging a beautiful wall art print from our Auckland-based photographer and Founder, Natalie Pearce, not only adds a focal point to a room but also brings the colours and tranquillity of the garden indoors.

Now, more than ever before, we are looking to turn our homes into mini sanctuaries. Nature-inspired wall art is the perfect antidote to the unrelenting noise of the modern world.

Original Floral Wall Print

Our original floral wall print collection (which can be ordered as unframed prints or framed wall art NZ is extensive, expressing the beauty of flowers with full colour or monochromatic patterns, textures, and shapes.

Using high-quality paper stock, our art is printed on premium crafted cotton rag paper, fine art paper, or photo paper to ensure you only ever receive a beautiful print. You have the option of getting your wall art delivered framed or unframed.

Our framed prints are contemporary in style and are individually constructed by hand using premium Italian materials. The frames come in your choice of black, white and oak veneer; classic colours that allow the art to shine and suit the widest possible range of décor.


Some of our most impactful prints are produced by photographing each flower in striking detail against a dark studio background or using a more natural contrasting feature; the lush textures of leaves.

When photographed against a dark background, the vibrance of the flowers can help to create a dramatic mood; each bloom emerging out of the darkness with an ethereal-like beauty.

The detail of their blooms is captured in focus, highlighting their imperfections and nature’s grace which is all part of their allure.

Rose Wall Art Print

Filling Your Space With Grace of the Garden

Our floral wall prints NZ make a heartfelt gift for friends or family. Floral photography is universally loved for the beauty and grace it brings to an interior space.

Floral imagery captures the wonderful feel of a garden. Filling a space with floral imagery can help to amplify the feeling of summer or bring a sense of growth and energy into a bedroom.

From the romantic garden rose to the enduring grace of the white tulip, our flower wall art prints can soften the room's aesthetic and add a touch of spring.

New Zealand-Made Gifts

Our wall prints are made in New Zealand, capturing and showcasing the beautiful flowers of our country. Our floral photography is captured both in the studio and in natural light settings, whichever offers the best environment to capture the mood evoked by each flower.

With a comprehensive range of collections, we ship New Zealand coastal, landscape, floral, and abstract art photography, throughout NZ so people everywhere can find beauty in our slice of the world.

Contrast, Balance, Connectivity

Our photographic treatment always has a simple, contemporary feel to ensure that it fits the the interior styles of New Zealand homes and delivers captivating rose wall art.

Selling our prints to many loyal customers, we have immense pride in the emotion we capture in each item and the care and attention with which they are composed.

Vibrant Pieces

We display our images with stunning, vibrant colours that look effective in interior design.

Beautiful Simplicity

With an air of beautiful simplicity, our floral pieces stand out in any space. Please visit our site and sign on for an account subscription to remain updated about new releases. We aim to account for any customer issues, from when you filter your search to checkout order and click review.