Harakeke Noir

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Harakeke Noir - Black and White Prints NZ

Looking for a great selection of nature-inspired black and white prints NZ? One Thousand Blooms has a stunning range of New Zealand still life and landscape photography that showcases the unique textures, shapes and light plays that exist in our beautiful outdoors. All of the work is original, and shot in New Zealand by Auckland-based photographer and Founder, Natalie Pearce

The iconic combination of nature plus black and white photography is part of its enduring appeal. What’s more, the intensity created from a monochromatic palette sees it seamlessly fit both a modern or minimalist style of decorm and a more classic or coastal look.

Black and White Prints are commanding as a stand alone piece of wall art, displayed in pairs, or as part of a gallery feature wall. There really is no downside to Black and White Photography.

Black & White Wall Art

Black & white wall art lends itself to both classic and abstract forms of expression. Finding unique textures, patterns, shapes and angles within familiar landscape icons can create an almost surreal take on nature. Paired with other abstract art NZ, black and white photography will create a handsome pairing but will always hold its own.

If you are looking to add an extra layer of sophistication and poignancy to your living space, black and white prints are always a wonderful choice.

Stylish Simplicity

Providing a natural palette cleanse within a lively area, black and white wall prints NZ can help restore a sense of balance amidst vivid surroundings. The subtle tonings of black and white are also a wonderful ally when you have a smaller space to decorate or when you are wanting to embrace a more calming tone with your decor. Black and white prints today create impact without chaos in your home or office area.

Adding Depth

If there is one genre of wall art that outshines all others when it comes to making a statement in depth it is arguably black and white photography. The absence of colour brings such intensity and focus to the subject matter in a way that colour often masks. The textures and light plays that suddenly come into sharp focus can be dramatic and bold or subtle and calming. Black and white photography alters the mood of a room in a different way to what colour does. It doesn’t compete, it contrasts which is another reason that black and white prints are so popular.

Focal Point

With a black and white art print from One Thousand Blooms, you can fill any style of room with a sense of sophisticated drama and boldness. Our prints create impact and help to create a focus for a room regardless of the size of room or the style of decor.

By removing colour, the wall art encourages viewers to focus on intricate details - textures, shapes angles and light play - that are often overlooked in more colourful mediums. Black and White photography has an intensity and grace that belongs in homes everywhere.

Black And White Prints NZ

Creating a Mood

Our black and white photographic wall art, such as our black and white chrysanthemum flowers series, demonstrates the power of contrast and depth at work making the flowers 'pop' and draw in the viewer.

With moody monochromatic pictures, even the most ordinary subject matter takes on an almost magical power. Small imperfections, shadows and silhouettes suddenly stand out in fascinating ways, such as glistening raindrops on a leaf.

The images created are reminiscent of film, offering a dreamlike interpretation of the subject and drawing the eye to features that may have been overlooked with more colourful photography.

Intricate Detail

From capturing our images to printing, framing and shipping each order to homes across New Zealand, everything at One Thousand Blooms is treated to the utmost care and attention.

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Select a powerful black and white image from our selection today and be blown away by your first order. We offer both stand alone prints and framed prints in a range of sizes, paper stocks and frame colours to suit your space. Have a question? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Customer Reviews

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Ken Browne
Harakeke Noir

Hanging on a bedroom wall looking lovely. Thanks for your great service.

Cathy Plowright
Harakeke Noir

We absolutely love Harakeke Noir and it looks amazing in our newly built home. A lot of our colour choices for this house were flaxpod which makes this lovely piece of artwork even more fitting. Fantastic customer service from Natalie too.

Wendy Stanley
Beautiful Harakeke Noir

We absolutely love our Harakeke Noir print! We’ve been looking for something just like this for ages and it is perfect. We’re so pleased we found Natalie’s beautiful work, and it is very high quality. We will be buying another print very soon 😊